Journal of Self-Assembly and Molecular Electronics (SAME)

Editors-in-Chief: Peter Fojan & Leonid Gurevich

ISSN: 2245-8824 (Online Version)

ISSN: 2245-4551 (Print Version)

Published since 2013

Publication Frequency. Quarterly

SAME v.1 (1), Jan.2013

Interaction of DNA Bases with Gold Substrates

Marta Rosa, Wenming Sun, Rosa Di Felice

Synthesis and Properties of Conjugates between Silver Nanoparticles and DNA-PNA Hybrids

Gennady Eidelshtein, Shay Halamish, Irit Lubitz, Alexander Kotlyar, Marcello Anzola, Clelia Giannini

Molecular Combing of DNA: Methods and Applications

Zeinab Esmail Nazari, Leonid Gurevich