Journal of Self-Assembly and Molecular Electronics (SAME)

Editors-in-Chief: Peter Fojan & Leonid Gurevich

ISSN: 2245-4551 (Print Version), Vol: 1   Issue: 1

Published In:  January 2013

Publication Frequency. Quarterly


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Welcome to our new cross-disciplinary journal devoted to self-assembly and molecular electronics. These are the two pillars that are required to fulfill the dream of bottom-up nanotechnology. This journal will be open to both theoretical and experimental works coming from all walks of science and engineering: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Material Science, Mechanical, Electrical and Medical Engineering, Bio- and Nanotechnology. We envisage the journal as a part of a much broader platform with the aim to create a stimulating environment for interdisciplinary communications and thriving scientific community in this exciting field of science. Encompassing the journal contributions, the biennial conference on this subject, regular schools and workshops, this platform will provide an inspiring and broad discussion forum to promote and advance this field of science.

The first issue, which we are proud to present, addresses the topic of DNAbased molecular electronics. DNA is not only the corner stone of life on earth carrying the assembly instructions for all living organisms, but also proved to be an amazing tool in nanotechnology. DNA-arrays and DNA-origami demonstrate how the assembly of this molecule into a particular shape can be encoded into its sequence. On the other hand, the potential application of DNA building blocks for molecular electronics highly depends on its longrange charge transfer properties which are still highly debated. This journal issue presents several research papers and reviews on theoretical and experimental methods required to construct such DNA-based devices. We are indebted to our authors who trusted our vision and submitted their work to be published in the first issue of the journal