Invited Speakers

International PhD School on

Application of Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) in Life Sciences, Soft Matter and Nanofabrication.

Aug 26-30 2013, Aalborg, Denmark

Invited speakers

List of invited speakers (as of 6 Mar, 2013)


  • Alexander Kotlyar (Tel Aviv University):

“Purification, deposition and imaging of biological molecules and viruses”


  • Ned Seeman (New York University):

“Using the chemical information in DNA to organize the structure of matter on the nanoscale.”


  • Yuri Lyubchenko (University of Nebraska Medical School):

“Nanocinematography — Dynamics of protein-DNA complexes with AFM”


  • Pedro de Pablo (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid):

"AFM: imaging techniques and applications"

  • Valentyn Volkov (South Denmark University):

"Scanning near-field optical microscopy"


  • Dmitrii Bagrov (Moscow State University):

"Direct visualization of dynamic processes in polymers and biological samples using AFM"


  • Pavel Dorozhkin (NT-MDT):

title to be announced




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